Writing to the APS Board

RAPS has been given a few tips about writing to unresponsive boards by several people who have been instrumental in either successful board spills or in the resignation of directors.

First point is to always ask for a reply, so for example ending the email/letter with:

“I await your urgent response”

This may seem a little mundane, however we have been advised that if board members aren’t specifically asked for a reply then they may discuss the item in a future meeting and consider it dealt with.

Second point is to cc as many directors as you have email addresses for into the communication. Or, if posting a physical letter, to send it to each Director and state this within each letter.

Email addresses, we are missing three, for current APS Directors are:

Ros Knight -> Ros.knight@mq.edu.au

Tim Carey -> tim.carey@flinders.edu.au

Aaron Frost -> info@benchmarkpsychology.com.au, also try aaron@benchmarkpsychology.com.au

Deborah Wilmoth -> dwilmoth@bond.edu.au

Joseph Gaglianao -> joseph@findyourwaypsychology.com.au

Anthony Cichello -> amcpsych@optusnet.com.au

Robyn Batten

Mary Latham

Christopher Lee -> admin@drchristopherlee.com, chris.lee@uwa.edu.au

Peter Zarris

Ronita Neal -> info@ronitaneal.com

Email address for the APS Secretary:

Barry Whitmore -> B.Whitmore@psychology.org.au

Third point, if applicable, include the relevant constitutional object.

This is not to seem condescending. Directors have busy lives and they may be variously across the entire content of the constitution. So make their jobs easier if you can. Please be respectful, you may not agree with any specific director or policy etc, however board members, other than appointed ones, have been elected by the membership. RAPS does not advise or support strong adversarial communication, try for factual strong assertion instead. You can be challenging without being disrespectful.

You can download the latest APS Constitution here.

Fourth point (optional) is to send a Read Receipt with the email. If you know what this is you may be doing it already. The essential process here is that when your email is opened you will be sent a notification that this has occurred. Some read receipts are visible to the end recipient and they can click ‘no’ or ‘disable’, these are not recommended. Our sources suggested this because sometimes emails were landing in the recipients spam/junk folder but also because they were told, on occasion, that the email wasn’t received at all.

There are some excellent paid services that have more advanced tracking and that offer free trials or free accounts with less features:

http://www.readnotify.com/readnotify/join.asp – also offers a free signup that lasts for two weeks and is limited to 25 emails.

https://bananatag.com – also offers a free plan limited to 5 emails per day with basic notifications. The 5 email limitation applies to cc’s as well, so if you send one email and cc four others in you’re at the daily limit.

Subscribing to the RAPS Blog

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Subscribing to the RAPS Community Forum

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