Will the DGPP Have a Facebook Group?

An email sent to Anthony Cichello, President of the APS and four other Directors on Monday 14th May.

Dear Anthony Cichello

I notice that the APS Clinical College has their own Facebook Group.

I, and indeed many other APS generalist psychologists I have spoken with, would like a DGPP Facebook Group. Additionally, as the group would be for the DGPP, we would consider it most appropriate if this became a project headed by our elected DGPP representative within the new governance model. To facilitate robust debate and exchange of views, comments would need to be turned on. We would expect that any moderation within this group is not censored by sectional interests within the APS. Instead we would encourage an open collaboration and honest sharing within the DGPP to occur in this Facebook Group. Under the new governance model the most likely way this could be achieved is to, once again, place our elected representative into an overseer role in which he could select ‘appropriate moderators’.

If, as it appears, a precedent has already been set via the Clinical College Facebook Group, I would also ask that the APS release some funds to support the DGPP Facebook project. If, for good and well communicated reasons, funds cannot be released to support the DGPP Facebook endeavour then I can offer the assistance of many generalist psychologists who are experienced and highly skilled in Facebook.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I and many others who have approached myself about this DGPP endeavour, consider that an appropriate launch would be that the APS email list of all DGPP members is used to announce the new Facebook Group and to invite all DGPP members into the group.

I respectfully request that this suggestion is tabled at the upcoming June 2018 APS Board meeting.

I would also expect a reply to this communication in a timely manner. May I suggest one week after the June board meeting as a timeframe for a reply.

Yours Respectfully

Peter Pacey

APS Membership Number: 036947

PS To encourage the open style of communication we surely all seek and support, this request and your subsequent reply will be posted in areas of interests for DGPP members.

Anthony Cichello replied very promptly, within 20 minutes.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your communication to the board. Personally, I think that a DGPP Facebook group is a great idea. I don’t think that any APS resources were provided for the clinical college Facebook group, however I will add this to the agenda for our June board meeting for clarification and decision-making.


Thank you Anthony, much appreciated. We look forward to the Board’s response and agree a DGPP Facebook, as described above is a great idea. Just imagine the DGPP all being able to communicate with each other in the one place!