Why You Should Not Renew

Hello colleagues.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to leave paying for things until the last moment any way. In the case of renewing your APS membership you may also be feeling grave doubts and conflict.

Listen to your inner voice. Isn’t that what we tell clients?

If you have not renewed, then please don’t renew. The APS is now a dysfunctional society serving the needs of a small minority of psychologists who spend their time describing colleagues outside the clinical college as ‘pseudo psychologists’.

Yes. That PhD in Health Psychology or the Masters in Organisational Psychology etc. that you worked so hard to earn? Just rubbish according to the people who are supposed to represent you.

We don’t need that. This has become an abusive relationship between the Board and its members. Say no!

Many efforts have been made to appeal to those now in charge of this dreadful process, including formal challenges and legal action.

Many of your colleagues have devoted a great deal of time and money trying to persuade the APS Board to choose a better path.

The reward for some has been direct harassment and threats to their registration. Oh yes, we can work where the complaints are coming from.

What can you do to help in this struggle? It’s very simple – walk away.

Yes, you do need a professional association – but there is a choice – try the AAPI. It’s better value for money in many ways.

The APS gets a great deal of influence from saying “we are the largest professional group.”

Each one of us can take a small step to end that. All you have to do is send your membership funds to a different association.

It may not seem much, but together, it will give the APS the most effective rebuke they have had in years.

Drops of water turn a mill…..