Who does the APS represent?

A member of our RAPS Team today received an email from Frances Mirabelli, CEO of the APS, confirming that their 3-tier submission to the Medicare review has not been withdrawn. This may come as a surprise to many who may have thought otherwise.

Last week, the AAPi received a letter from the Deputy Secretary, Health Financing Group, of the Department of Health stating that the current APS MBS Expert Committee consultations are not on behalf of the Government. That letter stated: “should the APS lodge a submission, it will be doing so as part of the Taskforce public consultation process. Its submission will be considered alongside all other submissions, as part of the Taskforce developing its final recommendations and submitting them to the Government later in 2019.”

Given that the APS MBS Expert Committee’s Terms of Reference insist on ‘differentiation based on endorsement’, how much of a review of the original submission can we expect? What are the chances that the APS Expert Committee, with a large proportion of Clinical Psychologists, will produce a new submission without such differentiation?

RAPS is keen to hear from members if they feel the APS is (or is not) representing their best interests. We have set up a POLL to hear your feedback. Please share your thoughts on this important matter in the poll below.