Where Have You Gone?

Over the last few months we keep hearing, somewhere in the dark back corridors of our minds, a repetitive whispering of the words of a song. It began slowly but now recurs with almost alarming regularity as it rises from the deep subjugated recesses of our now disturbed angst. The words are slightly different to the well known song, we keep hearing:

Where have you gone, Joe Gagliano

Our psychologists turn their lonely eyes to you

Wu wu wu

What’s that you say, APS Directors

Speaking Joe has left and gone away

Hey hey hey hey hey hey

We voted for Joe as our DGPP representative. Joe declared on this Blog his intentions to give voice to our concerns, in particular that he does not support the two tier system. Our vote for him, a vote from the largest component of the APS membership, was a voice from us to the Board via our elected DGPP representative. Where is our voice and what is it saying? How is the board responding to the magnification of our deeply concerned voice channelled through our representative? What is happening and why are we treated like mushrooms? We do not agree with the new governance model as it places individuals on a Board of Directors via voting by sectional interests within an overall membership. In so doing it means that, in practice, Board members are pitted against each other and can be lobbied by those sectional interests who voted them in. The constitutional purpose explicated in Object 1(a) states:

To advance the scientific study and professional practice of psychology and enhance the contribution of psychology to the promotion of the public welfare by encouraging the development of all branches of psychology

We recognise and deeply acknowledge that the new governance model must make it quite difficult for board members to deliver their responsibilities to the constitutional object above. Nevertheless this new model is what we currently have so let’s try to work with it.

As the DGPP members voted for Joe to be their representative on the APS Board we now, most strongly, want to be informed of why we have heard nothing from Joe. Further we wish to hear from Joe now and we want to know how he is advocating for us “The DGPP” under this new governance model.

Over to you Joe ….