Where are we at with the spill?

On April 7th RAPS presented the Notice of Intention to remove all the directors from the APS board that was signed by 100 members and presented to the APS by RAPS.

Our lawyers have since asked  the APS for the date of the next general meeting when we could put our spill motion to the members? We have not had an answer 3 weeks later.

So now RAPS wants to Call for a General meeting so we can vote on the spill instead of waiting for the AGM in October/November.

We have documents almost ready for you to sign. We will be sending them out this week. We will put them on the website so you can down load them.

We have to get two more documents signed to call for a general meeting. One for 100 signatures to Request the APS to distribute our statement for the spill to all APS members, and another for 5% of the members to Request the APS to call general meeting within 21 days.

Nothing is simple but … for APS members it is one last chance to create a society that truly serves the interests of all psychologists.

We have strength of numbers. Together we represent 70% of the membership.

If we do not act; if we fail to exercise our right to vote on the spill and the governance review, our votes in future will be meaningless.

The APS will be cemented permanently as a mere mouthpiece for clinical psychologists and those who support them.

A truly representative board will be able to speak on behalf of the entire profession, rather than a single interest group.

It’s time to act.