When members walk…

APS will capture the size of their membership next Friday, 31 May. Anyone intending to resign will need to act now, or be counted as a supportive member.

The only way APS can credibly claim that they are the leading association representing psychology in Australia, is through having more members than any other association. Last financial year, the APS Annual Report claimed a membership of 24,059.  Correspondence from the APS has claimed that currently, the membership is trending slightly higher.

As APS has not published a breakdown of their current membership composition, we may be forgiven for believing that registered psychologists comprise an ever dwindling proportion of the total membership. Given the number of psychologists who are registered annually, we also wonder if many are choosing not to join APS at all.

Now is the time to ask yourself whether your needs, the needs of the community, or the evidence base have been adequately represented in your opinion.

What can you do?

Resign your membership NOW!

Email m.griffin@psychology.org.au

Dear Mr Griffin

I wish to resign my APS membership effective immediately. Please confirm by return email.


(feel free to copy and paste)

We also suggest you write a snail mail letter with your signature on it to follow up. Let’s not leave anything to chance.

Let’s try to ensure the APS publish a true membership count. A count which includes only those members who are in support of its constitution, its advocacy, and its direction.