How To Help – What You Can Do

Please consider supporting this cause to reform psychology in Australia.  We cannot do this by ourselves.  We need your efforts, your voices, your donations, your ‘values in action’ to achieve equity for all.

The support options on this website include an automated functionality for sending letters to politicians. All it takes are two mouse clicks and filling in two small fields, selecting the letter in a menu, and clicking a send button – approximately 15 seconds of your time.

If you are a member of the public you can support us by using this website to send letters to the political decision makers.  You can also support us by donations or by informing others of the issues highlighted through this website. Join us in raising awareness of how your choice is being limited and how consumers and taxpayers are being overcharged.

If you are a psychologist you can support us by subscribing to our email list, by joining our community forum, or by making a donation.  You can also support by using our website’s automatic function to send letters informing politicians of the pressing need for change, or by making a submission to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce.

Together our shared voice can make a difference. Together we can and will generate change.

Send Letters to MP’s

Send Submission to MBS Review

How You Can Help

Join the AP Facebook Group

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Make a Donation

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Send Letters to MP’s

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