Warning: APS Survey bias

A cautionary note for APS members – response bias can be exploited to elicit desired outcomes.

The process of obtaining valid survey data is complex, and the methodology is notoriously susceptible to response bias.  Response bias broadly describes the fact that people can respond to survey questions in ways that don’t represent their true feelings, beliefs, or behaviour.

Several types of response bias have been identified in survey design. When systematic bias is introduced to a survey, questions can arise about the validity of the responses.  Inattention, confusion, and acquiescence biases are common. These response biases are compounded when question design, or phrasing, is misleading, conflates concepts, or does not offer the responder’s preferred option.

Please take care to provide responses that represent your opinion, and to avoid inadvertent errors due to survey design.

The Green paper is a green, oops! White wash designed to entrench unproven, non-evidenced beliefs around superiority of clinical psychologists.

Supporting this green paper would amount to hitting more nails into the Psychology profession in Australia (with the exception of clinically endorsed psychologists). The alternative is to STAND UP and be counted. FIGHT. Record your disgust, sent your feedback on the Green Paper to the APS MBSconsult@psychology.org.au.

Contact MPs. Do whatever you can.

Support this paper at your peril. If it is adopted, non-clinically endorsed psychologists can look forward to work drying up. Even more than we’ve seen over the past 13 years.

Level A3 Severe Two levels of rebate:
I. RRR Psychologist Plus: Consumer rebate will be the same as Level 2a for consumers with a moderate mental health disorder: and
II. Psychologists with an AoPE: consumer rebate will be the same as Level 2b for consumers with a moderate mental health disorder.

Green Paper feedback
RAPS have received a number of emails from people who are unable to find the survey link. You will find the link in an email sent by the APS on 25th March. The email address used was MBSconsult@psychology.org.au
The survey link is at the bottom of the email. If you have not received this email then please contact MBSconsult@psychology.org.au ASAP as submisisons close on Monday 8th.
If you have not yet read the Green Paper then you can access it on the APS website.