Voting for the special resolutions at this year’s AGM

After the casting of the proxies and voting was concluded the RAPS team had the opportunity to re-examine the proposed motions that were to be voted on the 28th of September at the AGM. It was concluded that the changes were administrative changes only to the constitution made after the Board had correctly, according to its powers changed the title of the ED to CEO. It was concluded there was no need to oppose the changes. A former Board member (who was supportive of two tiers) did try to challenge the appointment on the basis that the proposed CEO is not a psychologist. Jenny Corran quickly discredited this argument noting that the outgoing Executive Director was a psychologist but not supportive of equality in the profession. The ED position was appointed by the board and not voted on by the membership as such never accountable to the membership. In this respect, the CEO position is no different.