Update on Post Re: Lobbying for SubGroup Agendas

Counselling College National Chair Requests Removal of Email

In response to our post Lobbying for SubGroup Agendas is not a Path to Unity we received an email yesterday from Catriona Davis-McCabe from the APS Counselling College asking us to remove the Counselling College’s email. We subsequently edited the post to remove their email.

We are concerned about the request from the Counselling College as RAPS wrote this post to encourage all psychologists to advocate for the continuance of the Curtin University Counselling Psychology programme. It is a little baffling that the Counselling College would be so less strategic for such an important event. There are a mere 1000 psychologists left in the APS Counselling College. Surely the odds of saving the Curtin programme would be increased if the advocacy for same is magnified across the discipline rather than confining it to just 1000 psychologists. We can only suggest that this is another somewhat extreme effect of the combination of the two-tier system, the new governance model and the surreptitious processes of the APS Board. Those structures and processes get shifted down into the ranks and cause sectional interests lobbying for just themselves and division across the wider membership.

We also wonder why the APS wouldn’t use the membership email list to engage widely with the members to both inform them of this closure proposal and engage them in a joint advocacy.

Has the APS made a submission to Curtin about this and, if so what are they recommending? We don’t know, but we certainly cannot afford to sit and hope and wonder – the usual situation visited upon us by the APS Board and most recently in relation to the MBS Review.

So instead we must act in a united collaborative effort against the Curtin proposal. Please, regardless of what branch of psychology you are trained in, download this letter and use it to advocate against the closure of the Curtin Counselling Psychology programme.