Two Election Candidates Who Can Help

Candidate for the Non-Clinical College another for the DGPP

Non-Clinical College General Director Candidate

Jenny Corran has nominated for the APS Non-Clinical College General Director position in the 2018 election.

Jenny’s statement from her nomination form follows:

History of activities with the APS

I have been a member of the APS for some 20 years and have been on the Victorian APS Counselling College Committee for 7 years, holding several positions including secretary. In 2011 and 2012 I was part of the APS Strategic Leaders group. During this time I always advocated strongly for an equal society that looked after all its members. I voiced my concerns about the two-tier system as it is imperative that the competencies of all college psychologists are recognised appropriately, both in and out of the APS.

In the past 18 months I have been very active in working tirelessly to achieve equality for all psychologists via a single Medicare tier. I have spoken to the Health Minister Greg Hunt and his advisers as well as thousands of APS members about the unfair two-tier system. This has resulted in greater awareness among psychologists of the serious issues affecting the profession. Importantly, this has also resulted in greater representation for all psychologists with respect to the Medicare Review panel and other decision makers.

Preferred policy direction and goals and reasons for nominating for this Board position

I have always believed that a professional organisation should represent all its members by supporting an equitable system. This is the reason I have worked tirelessly to create a voice for all psychologists, and to achieve a single Medicare tier for all members. During my membership, I have watched the Society shift from unity to division, with many members leaving the Society in despair. I stand for a single tier Medicare system similar to the psychiatrists who have always had a single tier. As the leading mental health group in Australia I believe psychologists should follow their example.

I also stand for diversity in psychology training and treatment. Too many psychological approaches are being lost or threatened with extinction and I believe this must be stopped. We need more psychology courses taught at Universities – not less. I believe these measures will restore equity in the profession and unite APS members. I would like to see more psychologists join the APS because of fair and equal representation. I am passionate about membership involvement in the APS. My call to unify as one professional body is heartfelt.

If elected, I will work with the Board and other interested parties to unite the society by advocating for the community to have equitable access to psychological services. In addition, I shall work to elevate the public image of the APS. The APS needs to have a high profile in public discourse, current affairs and public debate. The APS needs political courage and agility in responding to day-to-day events.

If elected, I will work hard for the entire profession to create:

1) A fair and equitable system,
2) Transparent and open governance,
3) Greater diversity in psychology, which values each college’s competence,
4) Direct lines of communication for members to the board,
5) Direct consultation with the whole membership on important matters,
6) ‘Between AGM’ online member voting on key policy and advocacy.

Please support Jenny in the upcoming election and help her return our society to ALL society members.


DGPP General Director Candidate

Kathrine Selmer Johansen (Kat) has nominated for the APS DGPP General Director position in the 2018 election.

Kat’s statement from her nomination form follows:

History of activities with the APS, education and professional background

APS Activities

– member of the APS since 2002 on becoming a registered psychologist.

– Committee Member of the APS Perth Branch
• Advocate for Generalists bringing to the Committee’s notice my concerns after hearing a public address regarding the tenuous future of psychologists. I investigated, raised concerns, and contributed to Lyn Littlefield being invited to visit Perth to address members concerns about their futures under MBS and related issues.
• Worked with the committee members to organise events in Perth, WA
• APS Perth Branch Mentor for APS students – I am working on a social media connection with APS student members aimed at helping them to plan for gaining employment and transitioning into working life.


– 1995: BA of Social Sciences – Double Major – Psychology and Anthropology
– 1998: BA Psych (Hons) – Double Major – Social Consultation and Health Psychology
– 2 years of supervision under Sandra Joyce – now Chair of the APS Perth Branch

Professional Background

My career is a calling rather than a job. Personal therapy and sustaining a permanent disability led me down this path. I was a mature age student.

Following my honours year, I resolved to work with people in the community rather than institutions, using a therapeutic rather than clinical model. I chose the 4 + 2 to give me 2 years work experience before becoming registered. During the past 16 years, I have undertaken much more than the required professional development keeping up to date with new research and methods of assessment and therapy on a weekly basis.

I have worked as a psychologist in organisations (both for profit and not for profit) and in private practice for 16 years. I specialise in: relationship therapy, assessing adults with Autism (Aspergers) and ADHD, along with related therapy. I use a client focused approach.

Personal statement on preferred policy direction and goals and reasons for nominating for this Board position

Sustaining the General Psychology Profession – When the Mental Health Review was released in 2016, I had major concerns about the Stepped Care Model with ambiguous evidence for its support. The lack of reference to General Psychologists and introduction of a ‘low intensity and peer workforce’ and ‘mental health nurses’ presents challenges to the integrity of General Psychologists eg the recent budget 2018-19 of $5 billion for Aged Care revealed that “The Australian College of Nurses will lead the development of a mental health nurse led service”. This in turn would affect people in our community with inferior service. After seeing an interview with a leading academic advisor to Government, who clearly said psychologists in private practice would be phased out, and in reply to Stepped Care implementation ‘’you won’t be told….” I was stirred to find out more. I will defend a sustainable profession and demand transparency.

Equity for General Psychologists – The MBS Review and the possibility of Generalist Psychologists left out of future Medicare items along with the difference of approximately 43% rebate between the two tiers – clinical and general – raised issues in equity and have not been resolved to our satisfaction. Few realise that the MBS also makes distinction between groups – M6 for Clinical Psychologists who can practice ‘psychological therapy’ and M7 for Allied Health Services where Psychologists can only provide ‘focussed psychological strategies’ along with social workers and occupational therapists. My clear aim is for us to be recognised equally in the same psychology group.

Strive for the APS to support General Psychologists – After investigation, I could find no basis for these Government decisions and wondered how the APS could let this happen. I brought this to the attention of many other psychologists, two Senators, who continue to raise the issues in Senate, and the APS Perth Branch committee. I will continue on this quest for recognition and support from the APS for its majority membership.

PHN’s were allocated funds to be distributed according to ‘local’ needs, yet in WA only one EAP won the tender state wise. The APS direction of ‘’Medium sized multidisciplinary practices” providing psychologists work didn’t happen. I intend to find out why?

As a General Director I will investigate, find the facts and bring them to the attention of the APS and hold accountable its obligations to serve ALL psychologists, and advise government to create equity in our profession. I will strive for unity in the profession, something that has been lacking since the introduction of 2 tiers. I will also be open to all members concerns and bring them to the attention of the APS without fear or favour.

Personal statement on the knowledge, experience and qualities that I could contribute to the Board of Directors

I learned bookkeeping at Business College and am a business owner of over 40 years which requires knowledge of fiduciary duties, financials, strategic planning, good judgement and decision-making.

I have presented at International Peace and Human Rights Congresses regarding sex trafficking of children in Asia (Anthropology Dissertation) which provided invaluable experience and confidence in public speaking.

My Honours major in Social Consultancy developed communication and networking skills and equipped me to develop and apply processes which I will use in any capacity to support and represent General Psychologists in the APS. Some of my skill set which I have applied in business (BHP Billiton, Telstra), government (Tax Office) and NFP associations (Holyoake) are:

– Stakeholder analysis
– Needs analysis
– Focus groups
– Crisis management
– Vision and planning
– Short cycle evaluation
– Mentoring and Coaching

I conducted a 2-year research project to establish the main factors in sustaining organisational change and am co-author of “Organisational Jazz – Extraordinary Performance through Extraordinary Leadership” based on chaos and complexity theory, clearly relevant to the APS in recent times. I will encourage involvement of membership to achieve this.

I am from a migrant family and have travelled or lived extensively in many countries enabling me to understand cultural diversity and people from all walks of life.

I have been on committees (eg King Edward Hospital, APS Perth Branch Committee, Holyoake Brisbane) and strongly support the principles of corporate governance and good stewardship. I am a team worker who is not afraid to stand up for what I believe in and push forward.

The knowledge and experience I have, along with my passion for sustaining and achieving equity in the profession, I believe, will greatly benefit General Psychologists. I will take on this role with purpose and determination.

Please support Kat in the upcoming election and help her give the DGPP a genuine presence and a voice on the Board.