To Everyone Experiencing Difficulties with The Online Proxy Assignment Facility

RAPS: I have spoken with Danielle Hine (Returning Officer and Senior Manager Voting Services) at Computershare yesterday.

Following the conversation I am happier with the overall process Computershare is running in relation to managing the proxy votes. Danielle is keen to interact with anyone who has been experiencing difficulties or has questions about the online proxy assignment process. Danielle can verify your assigned proxy details if you wish, to do so, please contact her by email

Email: Danielle Hine <>

I’d encourage anyone who has queries to contact her, I found her to be very helpful. Danielle has also said she is happy to receive queries over the weekend, she will be checking her emails from time to time.

I do still acknowledge that there have been and still are user interface and data presentation issues with the online facility. Computershare do run background processes, such as recording/checking IP addresses, that have some validity as checks upon some possible security breaches.

I personally have decided to use the paper form as it appears to be the most ‘watertight’ of the offerings from Computershare.

Danielle assures me that the last assigned proxies, in whatever form, received by Computershare are taken as the valid ones. So, even if you have already submitted your proxy(ies) using the online facility, you can still re-assign using the paper form, submit that to Computershare, and it will be treated as the valid assignment.

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to reassign your proxy(ies) by using the form double check the details including the spelling. Some people have assumed that you fax the form to the APS – you fax the form to Computershare – there are instructions here ->

Lastly, Danielle as the Returning Officer, will be present at the AGM as she has ultimate responsibility for the management of the proxies. She has assured me, that for this AGM, the APS will have no prior knowledge of proxy assignment and that she will be presenting the collated proxy details to the Chair of the meeting herself. She is also willing to answer questions on the day.

Kind Regards