This is insanity!!!

The APS ‘White Paper’ cites 3 references in support of its contention that there is an evidence base to the idea that only clinical psychologists or some AoPE are appropriate to treat High Intensity Disorders. In some ways this is an improvement on the ‘green paper’ – we have lost Pirkis et al. (2011) – parting is such sweet sorrow. In other ways, it’s even worse. None of the references reports empirical research into the relative efficacy of the various kinds of psychologists. Two of them are from different countries (UK and NZ) with a different registration system. ALL of them no more than practice guidelines.

Evidence? That’s not evidence. Whoever wrote this paper was badly let down by his/her supervisors – citation errors mean marks deducted in reputable

Reference 36:

Supporting only clinicals and AoPE on top tier- exists all right. It is a report based on the opinions expressed in 3 workshops (N=58 people).

The workshop was firmly set within the Dept of Health stepped care model, so unsurprisingly that’s what they recommended.

There is no mention whatever of clinical or other AoPE psychologists, let alone whether they are more/less appropriate. Professionals recommended include GPs and ‘people with certificate IV in mental health’.

It recommends use of DBT although in a later appendix it is acknowledged that this treatment has not even been tested for most forms of BPD or Recurrent and Persistent Disorders.

This does not constitute evidence for anything much, let alone the efficacy of clinical psychologists

There has to be some way of getting through to government that if this is passed it will come out (because we will get it out) that these huge financial decisions were based on spurious and unsubstantiated evidence.

Reference 34:

This reference was wrongly cited. We found it.

There is no suggestion whatsoever in this reference that only clinical or AoPE psychologists should  be involved.

Reference 29:

NICE Guideline is from another country with a totally different approach to mental health. It is not ‘evidence-based’ just a collection of recommendations.

There are no reference to clinical psychologists or other AoPE being required in this area, on the contrary they’re perfectly happy to train up teachers and parents in the interventions required.

So 3 out of 3 references are NOT evidence based.