The Fierce Debate in Psychology that RAPS Has Been Involved in for over Two Years has Hit the Media!

The Fierce Debate that RAPS Has Been Involved in for over Two Years has again Hit the Media!

9 January 2019

The Sydney Morning Herald has published an article titled: “Medicare review of psychologists derailed by professional stoush”.
You can access the SMH article here.

RAPS urges all psychologists to be more active. If you agree with the RAPS’ concerns this is the time to be active and have your say. This is a critical time for registered psychologist and RAPS needs your active voices NOW. Also share this article across all your social media platforms.


Clinical Faction continues to drag down the APS and profession.

As psychologists and the general public would have read in The AGE and Sydney Morning Herald “Medicare review of psychologists derailed by professional stoush” (9/1/19), the APS, dragged down by the clinical faction, has now lost all credibility with the Federal Government. The 3 tier submission, constructed by the clinical faction in secret has been withdrawn by the APS and now stands as completely discredited, as does the APS. Non-clinicals working within RAPS, AAP and APFF have mounted a letter and social media campaign highlighting the war between the clinical faction and all other registered psychologists, be they College members or otherwise and the absence of evidence to support the clinical faction’s claim to superiority. This has now, quite rightly, reached mainstream media. This has been a highly effective campaign as evidenced by Knight’s threatening letter to members about dissenters, Mirabelli’s plea for an “armistice” between the clinical faction and non-clinical psychologists and AMHA’s effective representation to the Health Minister. Notably, the clinical faction has put nothing on the table. Knight and Mirabelli have wanted the non-clinicals to just shuddup.

With the credibility of the APS now in tatters, the question remains where to from here for the APS. The 2 tier system is under imminent threat. All branches of government and the wider community want psychologists to work together and for the general good of the community. My prediction is that if getting rid of the 2 tier system enables this to happen then I think they will ditch the 2 tier. There are also economic savings in doing this. This will push the APS to the brink of extinction. Non-clinicals are leaving in droves for the AAP and are unlikely to return. ACPA was formed by disgruntled clinicals who saw the APS as not doing enough for their interests and formed their own group. The clinical “rats” will abandon the sinking APS ship and swim for what they perceive is the relative safety of the ACPA life raft. There will be effective and balanced representation for psychologists but not by the APS. We can either wait for the eventual extinction of the APS, or hasten its demise.

David Ball