The clinical takeover continues …

RAPS has already reported on the clinical takeover of our the APS board which has a majority – 6 out of 11 – of clinical psychologists.

We also reported yesterday how the DPRET Forum has a majority – 7 of 12  – clinical psychologists.

Today we looked at the nine APS College leaders and found again that a majority – five of the nine – college leaders are also members of the clinical college – or will soon will be.

We ask how can these leaders avoid having divided loyalties about the imbalance between their own College and the advantaging of Clinical College?  How can they object to the clinical takeover now that they are one of them?

Make no mistake about it. If the clinicals continue their progress in taking over the APS the profession will be irreparably impoverished.


Here is the profile of the nine APS College Chairs

  • College of Clinical Psychologists – Ms Tamara Cavenett -(clinical)
  • College of Clinical Neuropsychologists – Prof Simon Crowe –  (clinical)
  • College of Counselling Psychologists – Dr Melissa Harte – Counselling (studying to be clinical)
  • College of Community Psychologists – Prof Jenny Sharples –  (clinical)
  • College of Health Psychologists –  Dr Allison Clarke (clinical )

Only four Chairs remain true to their original disciplines. But we ask how long will they be able to resist the pull?

  • College of Forensic Psychologists – Dr Gavan Palk
  • College of Organisational Psychologists –  Dr Timothy Bednall
  • College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists – Dr John Roodenburg
  • College of Sport & Exercise Psychologists – Miss Jacquie Louder