Some of Emails received in the last few days

Dear College Chair,

Thank you for your email. I share your summation in general. However, I disagree with the endorsement system particularly if you understand it’s origins.

In my opinion the endorsement system does not fully appreciate nor integrate Psychologists with broad experience built up over decades of professional work & professional development. In other words Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Therefore while I am an endorsed Psychologist I cannot accept that it is an entirely fair & equitable system that should be relied on to differentiate psychologists under a stepped model.

The whole issue of endorsement in my opinion is a false construct that was engineered by a Psychology Council stacked with APS clinical psychologists whose primary aim was to engender superiority & financial advantage for themselves. This has ultimately caused and continues to cause grief and divisiveness for the majority of their colleagues.

If we support this system of endorsement we are inadvertently falling into the same camp that I find distasteful because it disenfranchises the majority of Psychologists who in my opinion shouldn’t be.

I know your aim is to further the advancement of CEDP & for this I can understand your position entirely but I ask you at what cost? And personally I like to sleep well at night.

Regards Carin

Psychologist in Clinical Practice
AHPRA Endorsed Counselling Psychologist & Educational & Developmental Psychologist
Hello. I’ve been registered as a Psychologist and have belonged to the I/O Psych college for about 30 years. Until the mid 1990s I worked in heavy industry. In the late 1990s I set up in private practice. Essentially Clinical. At the time I gained I/O specialisation the Colleges really functioned as interest groups and I wasn’t much interested in paying membership of 2 Colleges. In private practice many of my clients are work injured and I believe my specialist status in I/O – rehabilitation was of benefit as I gained great information through my College membership. I never applied for the Clinical College as I never imagined the huge impact that this has turned out to be due to the 2 tier system. At the time of transition I also had a very young family and was already stretched keeping up with PD and the costs of remaining in the profession. Many of my lesser experienced colleagues did apply for Clinical College membership. Clever move. I feel very let down by the APS; especially given that psychology is already a very poorly paid but highly regulated profession from which you can not come and go. I believe the APS should be sued for loss of income. I’ve had clients actually insult my lack of Clinical status to my face and imply a lack of ability to service their needs. In fact I am so aggrieved I don’t recommend entering the profession in the first place. Well done to RAPS. I wish you success in your attempts to fix this huge mess.

Regards, ………………. Please don’t publish my name… it’s difficult enough!
Please we aware the APS CEDP at the MBS review will be advocating the below:
• We intend to advocate that all psychologists who have endorsed Area of Practice should receive equal rebates on MBS items.
• We also believe that in a stepped model of service, endorsed Area of Practice provides a clear way to distinguish those psychologists who have advanced training in specific areas of relevance to the client.