Sending Letters and Submissions

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How to Send a Letter or Submission from the RAPS website.

It’s easy, you don’t have to write the letter, it’s prewritten.

Letters: You can send a single letter or multiple letters.

Single Letter

Go Here

Fill in Name, Email, Address

From the Send To drop down menu select the politician you want to send a letter to.

From the Letter Type drop down menu select Psychologists (if you are a psychologist) otherwise select Members of the Public.

Click the SEND button. You will land on a “Thank you for supporting our cause” Page and you’re all done … takes around 15 seconds!

Multiple Letters

Same as above plus …

When you land on the Thank you for supporting our cause page – Click the Back Button on your web browser don’t navigate back using the sites menus, otherwise you will have to retype Name, Email and Address. After clicking back all you have to do is select the next politician you wish to send a letter to and click Send.

By cycling through the above process it’s very quick to send a letter to multiple politicians or even all of them, there are fifteen in total.

Note: Currently new letters are cycled through the forms weekly. If you don’t like any specific letter wait one week and try again.


Sending a Submission to the MBS Review Task-force, is a one off process. You only need to send one submission. Simply choose from one of the four submissions currently on the Send To drop down menu. Then choose from Letter Type and click Send.