Resources – Informational Aids

This section of our web site provides you with various resources you can use to support the RAPS movement.

Freedom of Information Documents

Here you can access the documentation that shows, unequivocally, that the Board of the Australian Psychological Society only advocated for Clinical Psychologists to be admitted to the Medicare Register.  In so doing they neglected the greater membership of the Society, they acted strongly and purposively against their directorial responsibilities and the constitution’s purposes which clearly state they must represent ALL psychologists.  This is a grave matter and deserving of a serious response.

As other F.O.I. documentation becomes available we will host it here so you can download it as well.


Here you can read a compilation of the outcomes research on the Better Access initiative.  The research demonstrates no difference in treatment outcomes for individuals across the range of mild/moderate/severe mental health presentations regardless of whether they were treated by a ‘Clinical Psychologist’ or another psychologist.  The research demonstrates that the two tiers are not necessary and that the top tier does not add value.

Other Resources

We will make other resources available to you here as we encounter them.  You will find a lot more resources in our community forum.

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