The Philosophy of RAPS is to unify Psychologists and the profession of Psychology in Australia.

The aim is not “divide and rule” but to bring Psychologists together and find the best path forward for the profession.  Generalist Psychologists i.e. those who do not belong to the Clinical College, have very little opportunity to express their views via their professional body, the peak body of Psychologists in Australia, The Australian Psychological Society.

Generalist Psychologists make up the majority of all members of their professional body, APS.  Yet there is no easy, convenient or workable route for them to express their opinions to the Society.

The role of a professional organisation is to listen to the voice of its membership and to act on that voice.  Currently the Clinical College have a very well connected network, and therefore communication within their membership is relatively easy.

However, the main body of Psychologists do not belong to the Clinical College and are prevented from doing so by the system of qualifications that prohibits them from joining the Clinical College.

The Australian Psychological Society needs to reform.  The membership needs a voice and it is important for Psychologists to encourage this “voice in the wilderness” and to make sure that the collective voice is heard by the Board of Directors.

The Board should be a servant of the membership.  The Executive Director is a servant of the board and, through that board of the general membership.

It is very important that Generalist Psychologists support RAPS.  Please try to distribute RAPS information to (hopefully) at least five (5) other Psychologists, that don’t know of RAPS, so that the word can be spread and the momentum for change can blossom.   Although the number of registered Psychologists in Australia is growing it is the case that membership of APS is declining in real terms.  We might ask the question Why?

The simple answer is that increasingly Psychologists who are not Clinical College members can see little benefit in belonging to their professional association.

This situation can, and must change.

We need to fan the flame of change. Please assist your colleagues to have their voices heard by the organisation that should be our servant and support us to grow in strength, numbers and influence.

Apathy is the disease that will bring us down.  We need to become the vocal majority.  The future can be bright for all Psychologists if we make it so.

Please stand up and be counted.