RAPSters comment on APS Survey

Here’s some of the comments on the APS survey that RAPSters  have have emailed us or posted.

(It’s better to post them yourselves in the ‘comments’ box below the post – names are not included).

Here they are:

  1. “Yeah good advice. I was completely aware of the limitations and attempts to bias, so yes boxes must be written in. The initial question to rank order variables was a joke! Love the way you are sitting on them.”
  2.  “I was stopped by the first question which asks for a rank order of importance of various factors for the government to take into account when setting rebates. I object to ranking on the basis that it is only useful when the items to be ranked lie along a single dimension. “
  3. “I noticed that! I didn’t read the preamble because it was an obvious attempt to bias my starting point, a blatant manipulation to frame our responses. Do they think we are stupid??!! We’re as trained as they are in questionnaire design!!”
  4. Just letting you know I completed the APS survey and took every opportunity in the comments boxes to state my objections to the 2 tier system for medicare rebates. Anyone can do that and still have their vote counted I think. Also if lots of people do something similar to what I did, including pointing out where the survey questions were loaded the APS will get lots of current messages from current members. What do you think?
  5. I was gobsmacked by the survey. We are forced into answering questions that don’t even address the issues. It was a farce. I was also gobsmacked that they would even consider a 3 tier system after the failure of the 2 tier system. What were they even thinking of putting up such a ridiculous survey? … Oh, I know, to placate us. No change expected!
  6. Yes. The survey was appalling. I have developed surveys for both my theses and also for work over many years. It was disgusting.I love the way the APS thinks the Clinical Psychs are soooo well trained and much more skilled than Generalists. Well, this little humble Generalist is heaps better at survey design than they are!!
    But it was useful. It let us see their true colours. I was ambivalent about spilling the Board until now. Now I am all for it.
  7. I just completed the APS survey.  You are right the survey is cleverly worded to give the responses they seek.  It is also interesting that they encourage psychologist who are not in private practice to complete the survey.  This makes sense as academics etc. are likely to be in the clinical college. Thanks for your help
  8. U are right about the survey it is cleverly structured to corner people . I hope they see it.  I checked my responses twice to make sure. I can’t express the disdain I have for the aps. The people in power are just not nice people. I can’t imagine any organisation which turns on its own fee paying members.  The word clinical is a generic word meaning one who treats how can they virtually ‘copy write’ this word . Many of the older clinical  members of the aps did a two year part time diploma. Several who have PhDs got them in Philosophy or education etc. they disgust me.