RAPS Update

RAPS has been very busy behind the scenes in the last two weeks. The new team, together with already existing team members, has been developing a statement of what RAPS is and aligning our purposes with this statement. This is a time consuming and complex exercise. We don’t want to rush it as we consider it a vital task for us and our supporters. When we have finished, we are close now, we will post our unified purpose document here. The document is in draft form and it is due for another round of discussions in the RAPS team. Therefore it will change a little, but currently the document includes;

  • Our Vision
  • Our Strategic Objectives
  • Action Strategies
  • Bridging Programs and the Two Tier Medicare Rebate System
  • Bridging Courses and Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Bridging Courses
  • Education and the Future
  • A Statement of RAPS Values

We have been working very hard for our supporters and in the interests of all psychologists in Australia. We do want the above document to be as inclusive as we can make it and to suggest a future that produces the best possible outcomes for ALL psychologists and for those we serve across the great diversity of what psychology can truly offer our community. We aim to not only preserve this diversity, which is currently under threat, but to grow and enhance it and amplify it’s effectiveness.

Many of us have experienced strong reactions to the words of Anthony Cichello in the lastest InPsych. We were hoping for an enlightened acknowledgement of the current state of psychology by our society’s president. We were hoping that the acknowledgement would be realistic, accurate, helpful for all and that it would point towards mechanisms for resolution. Our hopes were not realised. We may respond to our president’s narrowly focused description in coming weeks. We have no wish to be distracted from the work we are currently doing as it is far more important than responding to the opinion’s of Anthony Cichello as expressed in InPsych. We would, however, welcome the responses of RAPS supporters to this article titled, “A takeover attempt voted upon at the recent APS AGM”. You can view the article here -> www.psychology.org.au/inpsych/2017/october/presidents-note/?ID=8108


We are in need of continuing donations. RAPS have received a large legal bill in the wake of recent efforts, in particular the AGM. Additionally, some of the future structures we are setting up will require further financial assistance.

We look forward, in the near future, to joining all of our supporters in our new community and organisational structure. We thank you for your patience, this was never going to be quick, your belief in us and moral support and your unwavering integrity in the face of enormous undemocratic forces.

The RAPS Team