Professor Mark Andersen joins Reform APS clinical psychologists

Professor Mark Andersen Joins RAPS to Advocate for One-Tier

Professor Mark Andersen, BA(Psych) MSc(Psych) PhD(Psych) is a Clinical Psychologist who is registered in both Australia and the USA. He works in private practice in Tasmania.

Mark has been an academic researcher and University lecturer for over 30 years. He has written/edited seven books, published over 170 journal articles and book chapters and has been an invited keynote speaker at 17 conferences on four continents. He is also a registered supervisor of psychologists.

He has posted the following on the Reform APS forum:

I am one of those clinical psychologists here in the RAPS Forum who has never agreed with the two-tier system even though I benefit greatly from it. Over the past 25 years I have supervised many generalist and clinical psychologists who do tremendous work (and, unfortunately, I know some clinical and generalist psychologists who probably shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people). I haven’t seen any significant differences between these two groups of psychologists in the quality of their services and their interpersonal skills as practitioners, and certainly nothing that would warrant a judgement that one group is more valuable (in some way) than the other group. What little research there is on the services of generalist and clinical psychologists suggests that both groups have almost identical client outcomes (see Pirkis, J. et al [2011]. Australia’s Better Access initiative: an evaluation. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 9, 726-739). I am speaking to some people here at RAPS about getting clinical psychologists, who do not support the two-tier system, to raise their voices in some way. I hope that the dissenting voices of clinical psychologists, who argue against their own privileged status, might carry some weight. 

If you would like to join the Reform APS group of clinical psychologists who support one tier then please contact us. We are currently putting together a statement.