POLL: Counting the cost

Are you an active APS supporter?  If not, don’t let them count you as an active, or lapsed, member on 31 May which is their membership census date.

Like Hotel California, it’s not straightforward to leave the APS!  You need to explicitly resign and specify a date (i.e., “immediately,” 28 May 2019, 29 May 2019, or 30 May 2019), or your membership will remain active until July, well beyond the census date.

If your membership is lapsed or lapsing, you can still resign. Just email Mike, the Membership Manager at APS at m.griffin@psychology.org.au and let him know. Please be nice to Mike! Like most of us, he is just doing his job.

One suggested wording we’ve seen: “My resignation is effective immediately. Please do not include me in your tally of members for the 2019/2020 period. Please remove my details from the APS database and website.”

Time is running out. Don’t be another misquoted statistic!  Resign now!