Perilous situation of the APS White Paper

RAPS is informed that the APS will release its White Paper on Thursday to APS members only. Whilst the contents are unlikely to be surprising to most with an understanding of the devastating injustice wrought on the profession, there remains a significant number of non-clinical psychologists who are unaware of the perilous situation they are in. They are likely to be convinced by the eloquent rhetoric employed by the APS to convince members of the worthiness of the changes. It is similar rhetoric that resulted in the proposal for a two-tiered Medicare system favouring clinical psychologists being accepted as truth. RAPS is concerned that non-clinical psychologists will continue to be deluded by the APS into handing over their membership money which is being used to fund the clinical agenda against them. It is accepted that the APS cannot be reformed, the White Paper being further evidence of the entrenched nature of the clinical agenda. The only power non-clinical psychologists have is to withdraw their membership fees and support for an organisation that no longer represents them. Maybe money will talk – if not, at least non-clinical members are no longer funding their own demise. We know that several non-clinical members have already severed their association with the APS but encourage all psychologists to continue educating their fellow colleagues about the issues and to share the information about alternative options such AAPi.