National Clinical College moves to protect Two-Tier system again!

RAPS has been sent another email leak from the Clinical College showing more apparent abuse of APS campaigning rules and misuse of mailing lists by the Clinical College!  Now they are using students to further their agenda.

From: APS – CCLP – National <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 8:54:08 AM
To: <name withheld>
Subject: Calling all students to use your networks

A group of psychologists are intending to remove only those who are clinical psychologists from the APS Board of Directors. This is an attempt to form a new board for their own political agenda; their stated goal is to move the APS position to a “one tier Medicare”recommendation to government.

Several outcomes are possible, but one that needs to be considered is that the government may re-examine the role of psychologists in Better Access. Public statements devaluing post-graduate training undermine the public perception of psychologists, when psychologists have fought so hard for recognition of our skills.

There are now pathways between areas of practice endorsement as well as into areas of practice endorsement. This allows all psychologists access to the higher rebate regardless of their original training pathway.

So how can you help?

If you are receiving this email you are a student member and therefore unfortuntely not eligible to vote/provide a proxy (only associate members or full members are eligible).

So how can you help?

Call on your networks and get them to act.

You may know members who can vote.

What you are able to do with your network may be the difference.

More details for those able to vote are attached.

This is an important moment for the APS and the Clinical College

Thank you.

Tamara Cavenett

Chair APS College Of Clinical Psychologists (National)

Sent by APS – College of Clinical Psychologists – National