More About Subscriptions

There still seems to be some confusion around this.

If you want to be subscribed to the Blog to receive an instant notification when a new Post has been made or when a new comment has been made within any particular Post then you need to make a comment yourself.  To do this please use the following process.

Scroll down to the bottom of any Blog post and click in the box labelled “Enter your comment here…”, you will see the following –

Type something in the box, even one character will be enough.  If Email and Name boxes are empty you will have to complete these.  Check the Notify me of new comments via email or Notify me of new posts via email button … or both buttons if you wish.

Next click the Post Comment button.

You will then be subscribed to receive instant emails whenever both or either, depending upon which subscription you choose, of the above actions occur.  You will receive an email notification that you have been subscribed to the Blog.

Hope that’s clear.  This is an automatic process so you will need to do this yourself if you want to be subscribed to the Blog.

Subscribing to e-news is different.  You do that here.  An e-news subscription means that you will be added to the RAPS MailChimp mail out.  The mail out occurs once (sometimes twice) a week if a new post, not a new comment within a post, has been made since the previous mail out.  On occasion a specific campaign mail out may occur, these are not necessarily connected with Blog posts or comments in any way but instead, are to inform supporters of another item.

Subscribing to the Community Forum is unrelated to anything above.  The Community Forum is a protected, encrypted area that people must submit a registration application for.  Each registration application is vetted and then a decision is made to approve the application or otherwise.  Community Forum registration applications can be made here.