Members’ comments

Member:“Psychologists have so much to learn from GPs. Only 8 days after the psychologists’ EGM for the governance changes, the GP’s general meeting had a different fate, a much better fate for their entire profession.
The GPs voted against the proposed governance change proposed by the management of their professional association (RACGP). The GPs strongly voted “NO”!!! to the governance change.
It wasn’t a vote without problems.
During the entire campaign RACGP advocated only for the ‘yes’ vote, totally ignoring the ‘no’ option…Does it ring a bell?
The initial attempt to vote for the governance change was scheduled a fortnight prior to the final vote. However, it had to be aborted due to “technical problems”…Another bell!!!
And the GPs voted “NO”!!! to the governance change!
And the GPs voted “NO”!!! to the proposed creation of more tiers within their profession.
We still have a great deal to learn from GPs:
– how to not divide our profession by falsely making a very few “more equal” than the rest of us.
– that “together” does not mean “two tiers”.
– that “fair” also means “equal” and not “above”.

Member:”I have gone through the DGPP membership also – it only asks for your email address etc, for a mailing list, but does not then confirm if you are a member of DGPP, you just get the run around on this one.”

Member: “… the 4+2 is a great pathway to produce excellent psychologists. But in order to be viable, we need to create changes in the APS, PBA and the governments misconstrued perception of ‘generalist’ psychologists (courtesy of the APS).”

Member:”Evidence, ethics, reality and respect are all compromised by the APS as they created fake classes of psychologists.”

Member: “Perhaps this discriminatory practice could well be taken up with the Anti-Discrimination Board, Clive? I imagine the Fair Work Commission might also be interested in taxpayer’s money via Medicare Rebates being used to pay some a higher rebate than others for doing the same work.”