Member Responds to Invitation to Subscribe to Clinical Psychologist Journal

I just want to share my reply to the email received inviting subscription to the ‘Latest Practice and Research in Clinical Psychology’ journal – Clinical Psychologist (see ‘offer’ below my reply).

Good evening

Thank you for your email offer.

Pray tell though, why on earth would I want to pay money for a journal, as fascinating as it looks, that relates to an area of psychology I am apparently ‘not allowed’ to practice in?

This is despite my twenty years as a practising psychologist, ten of which were in full-time employment as a Clinical Psychologist for Queensland Health. Surely this qualifies me to be recognised as a ‘clinical’ psychologist? And to continue to work in ‘clinical’ psychology? As it appears I am ‘allowed’ to subscribe to, and read, the ‘clinical’ psychology journal.

Tracey Angel
Psychologist with over ten years clinical experience

On 24 Nov 2017, at 3:53 pm, APS Science Team wrote:

Special subscription offer for our members

Clinical Psychologist

Tracey, take advantage of our special offer for the latest clinical psychology practice guidelines and research. Clinical Psychologist is the official journal of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, publishing evidence-based, state-of-the-art reviews, clinical case studies and empirical papers.