MBS Review Submissions Closing Soon

RAPS has become aware that submissions to the MBS Review Task-force are closing soon. An email received from MBSReviews@health.gov.au indicates:

“The MBS Review Taskforce is currently establishing the remainder of its clinical reviews. The Mental Health Services Reference Group (MHSRG) is in the final stages of establishment and will have their first meeting in the coming month. Therefore, we would encourage you to make a submission as soon as you can to ensure it is considered by the MHSRG in time.”

We strongly encourage all psychologists impacted by the two-tiered Medicare rebate system to write submissions to the task-force as a matter of urgency.

Now is the time for ALL psychologists to unite and demand a fairer Medicare rebate system for both practitioners and clients. It is only through the individual efforts of psychologists’ acting collectively and decisively that we can relegate the two-tiered system to an ugly footnote in the history of our profession.

If you would like to write a submission but do not have the time, we suggest using our automated form template available here to send one in just a few seconds. There are four different submissions to choose from.

RAPS is buoyed by the support and assistance that we have received recently. Thank you to our supporters and affiliated parties for all that you do for RAPS, the profession, and consumers.