Kathrine (Kat) Selmer Johansen thanks supporters

Dear supporters,

Well the votes are in and I won thanks to your commitment to vote.
It is with great honour that my supporters have put their trust in me to vote and win the role of General Director DGPP on the APS board of directors.
I have to thank Jenny Corran for her continued dialogue over the past two years and during this very new and challenging process for me.

I found out Friday evening and within hours was on the next red eye Perth to Sydney so I could attend a very short first board meeting 18/19 at 8.30am, followed by a most enjoyable day meeting fellow DGPP members, many who had voted for me.

I met with our new CEO, our new President, the board and I believe that we are headed for a “reinvention of a new APS” as Francis declared during her public speech.

I have much to learn and quickly about corporate governance, what I can and can’t do in this role, but foremost in my heart will be my responsibility in representing you as DGPP members.

I look forward to a wonderful growing and positive relationship in the coming years. Please feel free to challenge and please also offer a solution when you do. My email address is katapspsych@gmail.com