It’s time to speak up!

Members of the APS College of Counselling Psychologists (CCOUNP) recently received two emails from their National Chair. In her emails, Dr Davis-McCabe indicated that the CCOUNP National Executive was supportive of differentiation based on area of practice endorsement (AoPE) under Better Access and the proposed stepped care model. Dr Davis-McCabe is the recently announced CCOUNP representative on the APS MBS Expert Committee.

If this does not reflect your views as a member of the counselling college, then we encourage you to speak up and make you views known to the CCOUNP National Executive now, before it’s too late.

Other Colleges are also supporting differentiation based on area of practice endorsement. If you believe in parity of rebates based on psychology service items irrespective of AoPE then speak up now! Challenge these Colleges.

Below is a copy of an email we received from an APS College member.

Dear College Chair,

Thank you for your email. I share your summation in general. However, I disagree with the endorsement system particularly if you understand it’s origins.

In my opinion the endorsement system does not fully appreciate nor integrate Psychologists with broad experience built up over decades of professional work & professional development. In other words Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Therefore while I am an endorsed Psychologist I cannot accept that it is an entirely fair & equitable system that should be relied on to differentiate psychologists under a stepped model.

The whole issue of endorsement in my opinion is a false construct that was engineered by a Psychology Council stacked with APS clinical psychologists whose primary aim was to engender superiority & financial advantage for themselves. This has ultimately caused and continues to cause grief and divisiveness for the majority of their colleagues.

If we support this system of endorsement we are inadvertently falling into the same camp that I find distasteful because it disenfranchises the majority of Psychologists who in my opinion shouldn’t be.

I know your aim is to further the advancement of CEDP & for this I can understand your position entirely but I ask you at what cost? And personally I like to sleep well at night.

It’s time to speak up!
Don’t let the opportunity go by again!
Speak up!
Have your say!