Is the APS following in the APA’s footsteps?

RAPS wonders to what extent the APA and APS are in contact with each other and following the same script.

We noted that an APA official was in the audience at the last APS General Meeting in which many of us had voiced our disquiet with the APS. At the end of the meeting, he stood up and spoke loudly to reassure the APS that they shouldn’t worry too much about the current unrest among APS members, as the APA had similar issues and now it’s all been settled.

The article below discusses the state of the psychology profession in the USA and describing how members of the APA feel sabotaged by the very organization that purports to represent them:

“The list of APA successes, if any, is far shorter than their failures. Few, except the disciples of the bureaucratic and bloated APA governance structure, can see any real worth in APA or rationalize the damage they have done to our profession. The eroding membership in APA provides all the proof needed to justify these harsh conclusions. … So the issue is: why the decline or even disappearance of psychologists from being assertive advocates to what we see today; a profession of mostly non-committed, low motivated, non-engaged, relatively young group of practitioners? … The vast majority of psychologists who have been turned off by APA have simply abandoned any attempt to organize and engage in assertive advocacy for the profession.”