Incensed members write to RAPS

Since the President’s email RAPS has received numerous correspondence from irate members. Below is a post written by a concerned psychologist who has asked us to publish it anonymously due to the fear that the President’s email has incited in psychologists:

All members will have recently got their first ever email from the new President. And what an email it was! No time wasted on thanking members for electing her or introducing herself – no way. Straight down to the business of hectoring the members about their obligations to the Society and threatening disciplinary action (!!) against any critics! Blast those critics!

Of course if she hadn’t told us all about the mysterious incident that set her off, none of us would have known that the member involved is a sports psychologist who apparently objected to sports psychologists being edged out of a major source of employment because they’re not clinical psychologists. That’s the problem with people Ros, you do your best for them and they criticise you. Pack of ingrates that they are.

Clearly Ros Knight is not a behaviourist and doesn’t have any truck with silly ideas such as people can grow and improve if they get some feedback even if they don’t like it. That goes double if they listen to it. There’s recently been a Victorian State election where the party that just ignored what the people were saying got a reality check. Obviously that’s not going to happen in the APS because the voting system is pretty much sown up, but there will be quite a few people wondering if it’s worth the money any more. By the way how are membership numbers going, Ros? Still falling?

While we’re on the topic of obligations, you know Ros, it’s not all one way. Members have obligations to the Society, but the Society has obligations to the members. What’s happened to the Institute? Bridging courses, anyone? Effective representation of the Society at government level? Anything going on there? Or are we too busy promoting the cause of the clinical psychologists?

So the major question raised by the President’s charming email for me was: how much longer are generalists going to be compliant, noncritical, grateful little cash cows for the clinicals?