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Thank you REFORMAPS for your ongoing efforts! WE MUST ALL UNITE AND DEMAND CHANGE within the APS! I am so disillusioned. I know I am not alone re my concerns.There must be change!

In my opinion, we have been mislead and discriminated against for too long! Surely under law this is a corporate offence. We non-endorsed “generalists” who had not been grandfathered at the AHPRA inception need to be immediately grandfathered into areas of endorsement based on our self assessed competencies as required under the Code of Ethics that we have abided by!

Our registration under prior State legislation pre AHPRA was our endorsement to practice psychology within our areas of interest. Attaining registration to practise psychology is our ENDORSEMENT IN PRACTISING PSYCHOLOGY. The AREA OF INTEREST should be based on one’s CPD HISTORY and subsequently acquired competencies. HOWEVER IN THE REAL WORLD OF PSYCHOLOGY BECAUSE OF HOW THE APS ADVISED GOV WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE RUDD GOV HEALTH REFORM INITIATIVES, I NOW REMAIN UNENDORSED! I have been blocked from gaining ACCREDITATION for endorsement…. I am too old…. my last “recognised” degree is too old… (more than 10yrs). If I want an endorsement I am now forced to go back to Uni back to the beginning… back to supervision… What a joke! What for?

WE ARE ALL ENDORSED PRACTISING PSYCHOLOGISTS! This needs to be redressed as a priority.

Those who have used defamatory comments to describe non endorsed psychologists must be held accountable. We cannot continue to remain passive because in doing nothing then there is the perception that we either condone this view or just don’t care. We remain powerless. They need to be challenged, educated and for some disciplined. It’s not just about the money regarding 1 tier and 2 tier! It’s about our INTEGRITY.

We need to be granted the freedom to practice within our areas of interest and just get on with the job!! I’m sick of the division! I’m sick of hidden agendas, those condescending APS administrators /spokespersons who I have from time to time consulted with regarding my concerns which remain unresolved, the almost narcissistic attitude of some “clinicals” that I have crossed paths with and the ongoing power politics within the APS that is eroding the core of our professional integrity and collegial spirit!

In my opinion, the APS has failed in its duty to truly and equally represent and unite the entire membership. There seems to be the powerful inner-group minority and powerless outer-group majority. For example, it is a joke when we were non clinicals were informed by the APS that under Medicare we must only provide “focused psychological strategies” because we, like occupational therapists and social workers and GPs, do not have the competencies to undertake REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY, and if you check the Medicare definitions those “clinicals” provide the same strategies! More credibility and remuneration to do the same. I wonder who invented “focused psychological strategies”? They need to be held accountable!

There is NO difference! Psychology in the area of mental health is Psychology in the area of mental health! One tier for psychologists delivering TAC and WorkSafe…. WE MUST HAVE one tier for Medicare!!!!!!! The PBA should recognise one’s self assessment of “endorsement” based on meeting competencies as required under our code of ethics! Evidence of CPD and self assessed competencies MUST be adequate! It should be a very easy and streamlined process…. just send in your CPD data and voila… you are endorsed and each year you must maintain!

CUT THE RED TAPE AND HUGE COSTS! Why was it ever considered such a complicated issue?

As a 4+2 registered since 1990 with very very long CPD (huge investment in ongoing training and skills development) and APS membership since 1992 I was not assisted by the APS “border control” with any bridging programs at the point of transferring to National Registration ie PBA AHPRA and my extensive ongoing “applied psychology” experience, ie practising “clinically” with REAL people, and extensive early and mid career supervision for many years was not accepted for either the Clinical College or the Ed and Deve College! Obviously now we know that I didn’t fit their “strategic” profile! I didn’t even bother to apply for Counselling College membership. You see, I didn’t have that Masters!

It was never mandatory to have a Masters pre AHPRA/PBA to practice in your area of competency! It wasn’t mandatory to be an APS member. Discriminatory practices! Hidden Agendas!! Follow the money trail….. The APS talks about bridging programs as if they were “grandfathering” mechanisms….. NOT TRUE…. I wasn’t even granted membership of the Ed and Deve college under the non-standard entry where I met every area of competency including documented CPD and exceptional levels of industry based / direct clinical practice competency based on the assessments from supervisors for many years !!! The APS took my application money and when they rejected me, saying they couldn’t grant college membership because I didn’t know enough college members, they wanted more money ie $1000 for each application if I was to appeal and have them review their decision! I was not confident that they would change their decision so I did not pursue …. $2000 is a lot of money …. how humiliating! How could they have justified their actions and decisions? Furthermore, now there seems to be some talk about the APS Training Institute developing some training pathways for accreditation…… WHAT GIVE MORE MONEY TO APS! MY MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE ENOUGH.

I don’t want to be forced to undertake any APS delivered training to meet competency criteria for college membership or “endorsement”. In my opinion, the CPD history that I have and the CPD that I continue to choose to engage in is ENOUGH to justify my expertise. I chose not to pursue an APS College membership! It was never mandatory! It should not have been linked with PBA /AHPRA ENDORSEMENT categories! I wonder who invented this?

In my view, the APS is just a SOCIETY, a servant to its membership NOT A REGULATORY BODY!

WE MUST ALL UNITE AND DEMAND CHANGE within the APS! Support the Spill