Expressions of Interest: Two APS Non-Executive Board Directors

It is an extremely welcome and positive step that the APS has advertised two Board positions for non-executive directors working in general psychological practice. The Division of General Practice has approximately 13,000 members and constitutes about 57% of the APS membership. Obviously, such a large proportion of the membership should be adequately represented on the Board. Mr Joseph Gagliano is already on the Board and when the proposed non-executive directors are appointed, the representation of psychologists working as generalists everywhere and in their own practices will be increased. For this we should all be appreciative.

For this reason, it is important that as many registered psychologists as possible apply for the positions! This is an opportunity for more diverse membership of the Board and a greater voice for the bulk of psychologists who work in private practice. It is extremely important for registered psychologists who have the necessary skills and abilities to apply for these positions to give the Board the maximum opportunity to find the best applicants.

The fact that the APS has decided to advertise these positions is, perhaps, a recognition of the fact that the recent Board elections failed to provide proportional representation for the greatest proportion of registered psychologists. In spite of considerable efforts, psychologists who are not members of Colleges remain under-represented on the Board. The voting system for the APS Board will need to be reformed before this situation can be improved.

Another misgiving is that any appointed members must be approved by the Board. From the field of applicants, the Board will select the non-executive directors whom they approve. It would have been far better for the non-executive directors to have been elected by the broad membership, but since this did not happen we should encourage as many applicants as possible.

Everyone eligible to apply will have received an email from the APS National Office on Friday 17th November titled, “Call for Expressions of Interest – APS Board of Directors”.

If you would like to apply for one of the Additional Director positions, please submit your CV and a covering letter of no more than three pages (outlining how your knowledge, experience, and qualities would add value to the APS Board of Directors), to the Chair of the Nominations c/o Tina Yemettas by close of business Friday, 1st December 2017.