Examples of Discrimination

  • Since 2006 the Federal Government has been encouraged to view my expertise in clinical practice to be more than $40 per treatment session less in value than some of my APS colleagues. On a full time client load I am considered by our Federal Government to be around $1200.00 per week of less value. On  an annual basis (46 week working year) I earn more than $50,000 per year less than some of my colleagues. That  is one diversity I and the vast majority of APS members do not want to celebrate!
  • Since 2011 Centrelink has chosen not to accept my psychological assessments anymore. I, along with many thousands of my APS member colleagues have been deemed unsuitable for writing psychological assessments for Centrelink while other APS members have been allowed to continue. That David is another diversity I and the vast majority of APS members do not want to celebrate!
  • Since about 2011 the amount of time and money I have had to spend to combat against the negative public perception of being a psychologist treating and assessing mental health without the endorsed title of ‘clinical’ continues to grow.
  • When writing reports for WorkCover and other Insurance companies they will often question my billing because I am not a ‘clinical’ psychologist and expect I bill lower than their recommended standard fee for assessment and treatment.
  • Now more recently, when providing expert witness testimony in court I spend half of the testimony justifying my expertise to either the defence or prosecution in the context of not being a ‘clinical’ psychologist. The APS should have this public perception completely sorted for me before I step foot in to the court room. But honestly, I do believe the APS has no idea!