Email from an endorsed Ed & Dev Psychologis

Last week RAPS received the email below:


I am happy for you to use the information below on your blog or website.  At this stage I would prefer if my name was withheld.  I hope that it helps inform people of what is happening under our watch.

I was recently asked by a client to be a witness for her 14 year old son in signing an Advance Care Directive for Young People Under 18 Years of Age.  She had been told that she needed to get a signature from a psychologist.

I am an endorsed Ed & Dev Psychologist.  Unfortunately I was unable to sign the document as only Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists are endorsed for signing.   See form on:

This seems like another example of discrimination against a group of psychologists who can demonstrate competence for signing such a form.  I wonder what evidence was used to demonstrate the competence of Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists for this purpose?

It is unfortunate that our politicians and policy makers are likely to be basing their decisions on the unfounded elitist views promulgated by certain outspoken groups of psychologists (eg Clinical Psychologists) to serve their own interests, at the expense of a large group of competent psychologists and the profession in general.

Name withheld.

RAPS also received the following from another Psychologist.

I am a generalist psychologist who specialises in complex trauma with over 20 years’ experience. I am very good at my work. I’ve worked with adults and children who have experienced horrific abuse. I’ve also worked with many clients who have been re-traumatised by “more highly trained” psychologists who believe CBT is the gold standard for all treatment. I’ve worked with many survivors of domestic violence. I have learnt many things from my clients. My clients who have survived domestic violence have taught me this. An abusive relationship does not have to involve physical violence or aggression. It can take more subtle forms.
Slowly, over years, they put you down.
They demean you.
They slowly chip away trying to make you, and those around you, question your value, your worth.
They tell you that others are so much better than you.

However, it’s also much more insidious than just the put downs and the devaluing you. They make it clear that despite your lesser worth, you need them because no one else will look after you like they can. You can’t survive on your own, you don’t have the ability or the credibility.
They will do all they can to keep you beholden to them, while at the same time tearing you down.

And if you even think of criticising their behaviour towards you, if you dare try to stand up for yourself. If that little voice inside that has been made to feel so small tries to say, “hey that’s not fair, that’s not reasonable, I am worthwhile, I do have skills and talent”. That’s when they show their true colours. That’s when the threats and intimidation come out. They say that they will leave you first, they will kick you out and then you’ll be all on your own. And how many times have I told you, you cannot not survive without me. You’ll be nobody without me.

My clients have given me such valuable knowledge. They have taught me to see the warning signs if I am not in a healthy relationship, if I am not being respected and valued, and most importantly they have helped me see that it is possible to leave…there are alternatives. And like so many of my clients I have now come to realise; No more of this for me! I know my worth, I know my value, I know my skills and I will not stay in this demeaning relationship any more. I resign from the APS.