Do members live in a climate of fear?

In their comments and posts, RAPS is constantly begged by members not to disclose their identity.

What does this say about our Society? Isn’t this an abuse of trust when members are afraid to speak up?

Surely psychologists, who are highly dedicated to their profession, should expect to be able to trust their society 100%. The years of ethics training orientates them to believing their own professional organisation would never betray them.

Yet here we are, eleven years later, discovering that the APS never advocated for 70% of its members to get into Medicare. And who’s to say they will advocate for us now?

Do psychologists realise the extent to which they have been abused? Yet they keep taking it without protest!

Some suggest that this the Stockholm syndrome – that members have developed a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy (for being part of  Medicare)?

Or is it case of learned helplessness where  members  feel helpless to avoid negative situations because previous experience has shown them that we do not have control? Are they so worn down now that they cannot stand up and assert their rights any longer?

Or do we live too much in the sanctity of the consulting room – and fail to look out the window at the real world, where power and politics is only too obvious. Why should our organisation be different?

Do members understand that they actually live in a democracy where you are allowed to demonstrate and have a voice.

It’s time for us all to rock the boat.