Do General Psychologists need their own Voice!

If the APS Green Paper comes out on March 25th supporting the submission for a 3-tier Medicare system, General Psychologists may as well pull out of the APS.

What good will it have done us to have the APS speak for us? This system will relegate General Psychologists to an even lower tier, below clinical and other endorsed psychologists.

Think how things might have been different if we had put the $66 million we’ve all paid in membership fees into our own organisation with our own voice to government ($500 x 12 years x 11,000).

It may be time for us to follow the medical GPs’ example and use our own money and strength in numbers to negotiate independently with the government. We can’t do worse than what may be happening soon.

The Australian Association of Psychologists is one of several such organisations. They have been working hard since 2006 to fight for a one-tier system. Their membership has really started to grow in the past 2 years, since RAPS arrival, and they now claim to have 7,000 members.

They also addressed the recent Medicare Taskforce Working Committee. This was the first time the government had really come to grips with the serious divisions plaguing the psychology profession and why the APS called for the Expert MBS Panel to be established.

Although the APS claims to have 24,000 members, we know that the number of their full and associate members has been stagnant for years and sits around 18,000. They have been bolstering the numbers with students who now get free memberships.

So, it would only take 6,000 full or associate members to leave the APS on May 31st and join the AAPi to give the AAPi the lead and become the premier psychology organisation – the government would really start listening to General Psychologists then!

It may be worth a shot. Watch out for the Green paper on March 25th.

The RAPS poll has surged and has received more than 626 votes to date (note: the poll only accepts one vote from each website visitor). On the question of whether APS is representing members’ best interests in the Medicare Review, 86% of voters have said NO and only 6% are unsure.

So please tell your friends and colleagues to vote NOW to get their voices heard at the APS.

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