DGPP Candidate

DGPP Candidate for the September APS Election

RAPS has secured candidates for the Early Career Director and for the non-clinical College Director positions on the APS Board. We are still in the process of recruiting a candidate for the second DGPP General Director position.

If you want to nominate for the DGPP position please urgently email RAPS. Nominations close on Monday 30th July.

None of the clinicals can vote for the DGPP Director position nor can members of other APS colleges. As many of us realise the clinicals are highly organised and, as a result, they easily had the highest percentage of voting members of all the other colleges or the DGPP in the 2017 election. So, that the clinicals cannot vote for the DGPP, is a distinct advantage for DGPP candidates who truly support the values of equality across the profession – in short you have a greater chance of securing the position as you do not have to survive a clinical vote against you.

RAPS is sure that all DGPP members will by now be very familiar with RAPS values and purposes and advocacy activities to unite our profession. If you agree with those values please put your hand up as a candidate.

RAPS will very strongly support an appropriate DGPP candidate via a number or processes such as on this Blog, bulk campaign mailouts to thousands of psychologists via MailChimp, spreading relevant information across social media platforms and through other means we won’t mention here at this stage.

We, most unfortunately, cannot support Andrew Chua as we are not aware of any lobbying by Andrew against the two-tier system. To our knowledge Andrew has never put himself on the line about this inequitable system and openly challenged the APS. So instead of this approach we need a candidate who is prepared to openly challenge the two-tier system and advocate for far more transparency and accountability from the APS Board.

You can download a nomination form from the APS website here.

Once again, you can contact RAPS about your nomination here.