Critical Information

For your information, RAPS has received an email whose relevance should be self evident as we approach the deadline for APS members’ written submissions this Thursday the 14 February 2019.

Some details irrelevant to the main message have been deleted for privacy reasons.



From: Ros Knight
Sent: Wednesday, 27 September 2017 5:28 PM
Subject: Invititation to a list serve and Elections and AGM details

Hi All,

My email is to ask if you would be interested in joining a listserve of mainly clinical psychologists where issues can be raised and points of view considered. My emails in recent weeks have been about the upcoming Elections and AGM. This issue is causing unprecedented angst in the profession, as we expect a group called RAPS to try and take control of the APS and then change the APS position to one tier Medicare before the Medicare review. I have decided to run for President elect in the hope of stopping their candidate, and we also need Proxies for the AGM from people not attending to stop them spilling the Board and setting up a less meaningful Board. The emails are to inform and suggest quick ways that you can influence the outcome. If you would like to be on the list, or more importantly not on the list, please let me know. I’m also happy to send through a statement about my platform if that would help. Below is a copy of an email I sent a few weeks ago outlining the issues and strategy:



The deadline for APS members’ written submissions is Thursday 14 February 2019. The APS MBS Expert Committee, Chaired by Mr Michael Gordon and representatives of APS Colleges and Division will review information from the written submissions. This information will produce the official APS position for the MBS Review.

If you are (still) an APS member, it is essential that you put forward you views about Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Services.

The composition of the APS MBS Expert Committee is not considered to be proportionally representative of all of its colleges and division. If you are a member of one of the under-represented colleges and/or division, it is all the more important that you express your views.

Send your written submission to Include an executive summary, your name and APS member number and limit your submission to 2000 words.