Counselling College Submission to MBS Review

Beware not the enemy from ‘without’ but the enemy from ‘within’

– Douglas MacArthur

What has happened to the Counselling College? It seems they are now only interested in getting a higher rebate for themselves than addressing the unfairness of the 2-tier system itself.

In late June the College of Counselling Psychologists made a submission to the Medicare Benefit Scheme Review Reference Group – supported by the APS board- recommending that rebates for patients under the Psychological Therapies Items 80000 to 80020 of the MBS be extended to include counselling psychologists.

To add insult the National Chair of the College of Counselling Psychologists Dr Catriona Davis-McCabe openly indicated that the Board of Directors of the APS expressed strong support of their recommendations and has provided a letter of support to the MBS Review Reference Group.

Maybe the Board and the College of Counselling Psychologists need to be reminded of these words from the President of the APS – ‘It is essential that we respect and construct unity through our every intention, word and action. With a strong and united APS, we can maximise our impact in society and be best positioned to overcome the complex external challenges and threats.’ President’s note: Unity over fragmentation (InPsych, 2016)

The College of Counselling Psychologists’ submission is clearly aimed at ensuring that only counselling psychologists are no longer disadvantaged by a system that unfairly discriminates against the majority of registered psychologists in Australia.

And what about the effect of the current two-tier system on the public? Does the College of Counselling Psychologists really think that the inclusion of an additional 1000 counselling psychologists will improve access and diversity of choice for the Australian public? Don’t be deceived this is not progress.