Blog Moderation and New Website

As many of you have probably noticed our moderation has changed recently, in particular since the recent AGM which heralded the emergence of a new RAPS team.  The moderation is still in a slightly experimental stage.  We have been encouraging people to stick to topic and be respectful of others.  Some posts contain a mix and, on that basis, have been let through, others containing a mix haven’t.  You have probably noticed some inconsistency and, in part, this is because moderation is a judgement call but also because we have different moderators.  We discussed moderation again in our recent team meeting.  We did discuss the notion of acknowledging on topic information in a post by deleting aspects that are disrespectful to others and then letting the post through.  However, this would be more work for our moderators and we would prefer not to interfere in your content.  Our preference now is to devolve the responsibility to you to self moderate.  This means that any posts that are disrespectful to others, way off topic or that, as some of you have suggested, ‘play the man’ will not be let through.

On another note ….

This website is undergoing a complete redesign for better presentation, form, functionality and ease of visitor experience.  We also have a professional graphic artist designing a RAPS logo. Stay tuned!