Believing in change and taking steps towards change – in respecting all psychologists!

Professional psychologists are all required “to abide by principles of professional conduct, responsibilities and confidentiality. These are set and monitored by the APS in its Code of Ethics. The Code was developed to safeguard the welfare of consumers of psychological services and the integrity of the profession.”

In the past 10 years, the public has become very confused by language which sets apart clinical psychologist from ‘generalists’ or ‘non-clinicals’

A respectful solution would be to give credit to all psychologists that have qualified as such a global term of professional psychologist and then clinical psychologists – or in fact any member of a branch, college or interest group can if they wish differentiate themselves without disrespecting all their peers.

How will the public respect us as a profession that has credibility and ‘believe in change’ if what we role model for them is disrespect for our peers, questionable ethics, conflict and a confusing two-tier system that does not reflect in any way the expertise or credibility of a psychologist?

Time indeed to take step towards change!