Are we prepared to pull out all stops and go for it?

With only four (4) days to go, the best guess on how many proxies we still need to win the NO vote is 850. We currently have 500 proxies plus an extra 100 voters at the meetings. So at 600 it means we only need to get another 250 votes.

With over 15,000 non-clinical members in the APS – surely we can do it? Look at how much momentum has grown in the past few weeks. At last everyone is pulling together to create change.

In the past two days we have received over a 100 proxies. Now we have four days to get another 250. It’s a stretch – but it’s POSSIBLE!

Are we prepared to pull out all stops and go for it? Are we ready to make history and reclaim our society?

We have set up a Reform APS PowerPoint explaining the potential issues with the governance concerns. Please look at it and send it to other members. You can download it here. 

More (courageous) members come out publicly to support RAPS – the list has grown to over 30 in the past few days. We are no longer “in the shadows”!       You can download it here. 

It only needs each of us to get one more person to sign a proxy.

Everyone is helping. Some are sending comments and suggestions; some are helping write legal letters; some are sending email address lists so we can reach more members; others are holding meetings using the RAPS Power Point.

Another member has created a Reform The APS Facebook page for us. Please go to the page and LIKE and SHARE it 🙂   You can download it here

It’s become an enormous joint effort of dedicated members. It’s heartwarming to see this support – we just need a few more days of it 🙂

We must stop the changes before the spill, so we can elect a new board to properly represents us and conduct a root and branch review of our society.