Beware! APS Survey is clever and deceptive.

RAPS supporters should be wary of the APS survey distributed recently by the APS. It is cunning and clever and beautifully constructed but clearly deceptive.

It’s not a sincere inquiry into members’ views of the two-tier system. Instead, it’s a masterpiece of tendentious wording, that seeks subtly to compromise respondents, forcing them to accept a particular point of view that is almost certainly contrary to their own.

Please note the following:
1. There is a long, and carefully-worded monologue regarding the “long and hard road” that APS has trekked for 10 years or so to get “where we are today”.

We say what utter rubbish! The APS has done nothing for the generalist psychologist, who always remains
the poor relation.

2. There is no direct question re: “Do you want the two-tier system to stay or go?”

We ask why haven’t they asked the critical question? Are they afraid of the response?

What will be reported to the board when they meet on Saturday week? The survey is engineered to put words in the mouths of recipients in order to get the answers they want.

3. There are several  trick questions in the body of the survey, e.g. “Should there be paths for ‘some’ psychologists to progress to the higher rebate?”

What sort of sophistry is this? Answer it how you will, you are agreeing that there should be a higher rebate. It’s an outrage that the APS has constructed a survey that literally blindfolds members, forcing them to navigate their way through a minefield without any map of the terrain. Be careful how you answer (not answer) these.

We urge you to complete the survey but please use the opportunity to write comments in the

Say what you want; what you feel. Be open and honest. Don’t be restricted in those boxes by the questions asked before them.

If you want to say, for example: “The APS has done nothing for me”. “I want a different Board that will represent the true opinions of the membership”. “What a farce we are faced with in this survey”.

Just say it in those boxes. Do please complete the survey though!!