APS Members can use this letter to request minutes of last board meeting!

Attn: Barry Whitmore and the APS Board of directors

Email: b.whitmore@psychology.org.au

To the Company Secretary of the APS Board, Mr Barry Whitmore,

As an APS member I am writing to request the minutes of the APS Board Meeting dated February 11th. It is my understanding that an additional 2 clinical and one academic members were given positions  on the Board (and as such have a right to vote).

As an APS member I understand that I have a  right to see the minutes as I am interested in how the voting for the co-opted directors occurred?

I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions below:

  • How did the “extra” Board members get to be appointed- were they elected by the board members?
  • How many candidates were able to be voted on?
  • How many votes did each one of the co-opted directors get?
  • Did the (unelected) Executive Officer vote for them?
  • Did the President use his casting vote?
  • What is the term of tenure of the Executive Director? Is it true that the Executive Director’s salary is close to $400,000 per year?

My other concern is that these new board members will now shift the majority from a “non-clinical” one to an overwhelming “clinical” majority. This could effectively nullify my vote for the current Board composition at the last election! How is this legal?

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving a copy of the minutes at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your time.


<your name>