APS Green Paper is as clear as MUD

APS Members are being expected to comment on the complex 44-page APS Green paper that was only after 7 pm last night! This over-supply of information is obfuscating and confusing.

The Executive Summary is a laborious conceptual and historical overview that includes no practical operational detail. What it will mean for working psychologists is difficult to see and how it will operate no one can understand.

RAPS members are finding the paper vague, overwhelming, and cumbersome, and very hard to understand, particularly the information about the stepped care model.

RAPS will need a bit more time to unpack the Green Paper but for now we can say that:
It appears to give nothing to General Psychologists unless they are prepared to move to rural and remote areas. With video counselling, this drive to relocate people seems absurd. Clients seeing a non-endorsed psychologist who are classified as severe would be required to change practitioners. The APS model fails to recognise completely that non-endorsed psychologists see complex clients all the time in the community and are quite capable of treating them – no recognition of experience versus study. RAPS believe it takes experience more than anything else to manage complex presentations. Also there is no recognition that in lower socioeconomic areas, clients often can’t pay for services and require bulk billing – there should be incentives for people to practice in those areas as well.


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