APS – Free Student Membership

A RAPS Supporter has Requested we Post The Following:

“I recently learned that the APS has offered free membership to all students undertaking post graduate studies in Psych. Probably to bolster their membership numbers and voting capacity. This of course favours the Clinical college because the vast majority of courses left are Clinical. They are also offering free membership to any college. So which college will they choose and which college will have an even greater voting base? The clinical college of course. The other courses are the Masters of Professional Psychology but they don’t have a college so they are also likely to unwittingly nominate to join the Clinical College thus further bolstering the Clinical College voting power at the all important AGM. This is all being conducted by the APS right under our noses.”


RAPS would like to clarify that student members are classed as ‘Admitted Members’ and therefore cannot vote. The current APS Constitution states:

  1. Admitted Members will be entitled to receive notices of general meetings.
  2. Admitted Members will not be entitled to vote.

The Board can also deliberate to change students fees.

  1. Unless the Board otherwise determines, …

each Student Subscriber will pay to the Society an annual subscription equal to twenty-five per cent (25%) of the subscription payable by a Member, provided that no increase of more than twenty per cent (20%) in the annual subscription for the previous year will be made without the approval of a general meeting of the Society.

We would like to inform students that the AAPi is also offering free membership to students, go here.


In Other News …

We recently posted about an email a RAPS supporter sent us regarding an email they sent to the APS and NDIA about guidelines for diagnosis of Autism under the NDIS. The RAPS supporter has received a reply for the APS as follows:

“Thanks for the email. Can you point me to where the autism guidelines are? We are aware these are in development and the APS has provided feedback in two consultation rounds on the guidelines, including on the fact that assessment should not be limited to clinical psychologists. Are you sure you are not looking at an old version? My understanding is that the final document is not due to be submitted to the NDIS until August. I will wait to hear back from you about this.

With regards to cognitive testing being only the domain of clinical psychologists, we have not heard this from anyone working in the scheme or in any meetings that we have had with the NDIS. Is this in writing anywhere? Could you let me know the outcome of your meeting with ECEI Strategic Advisor. Again, we would follow up if this is clearly the case.

I do appreciate you keeping us informed of these issues.”

The RAPS supporter has also informed us:

I have also spoken to someone in NDIA who has identified the Autism diagnostic criteria were developed without consultation to certain NDIA staff. Many NDIA staff are as confused and concerned about this as we are. In regards to the cognitive testing issue – it is not policy or guideline and seems to be the response of some misinformed NDIA staff. I have been requested to forward these issues individually to NDIA and to continue to provide these services to our clients.